Murray State to require fans to wear masks



Guidelines Issued by the University

1. Decisions about holding particular athletic activities, practices and events (organized and informal) and under what conditions will be determined on a case-by-case basis, with full adherence to University, state and national health guidelines and in compliance with NCAA and Ohio Valley Conference guidelines.

2. The Athletics Director will communicate NCAA and Conference policy, protocol and/or decisions to the University Administration, as the situation arises.

3. The use of weight rooms and training/treatment rooms must be scheduled through athletics staff to reinforce proper social distancing and occupancy limits.

4. Enhanced cleaning and disinfectant protocols will be established for all athletics facilities with guidance from SSC and all state and federal authorities, medical professionals, NCAA and the Ohio Valley Conference.

5. Athletics will implement a pre-determined spectator access model regarding required PPE and reduced capacity seating for all athletic events, based upon social distancing guidelines as a percentage of overall capacity or prescribed square footage per person.

6. Athletics will ensure, to the greatest extent practicable, that all fans and volunteers will wear a cloth face mask, unless exempted with documentation by a medical professional, when attending events.

7. Athletics fans and volunteers should follow all state and federal safety and health guidelines when attending events.

8. All concessions equipment and areas will continue to be cleaned and disinfected in advance of the fall semester. In addition, all concession equipment and areas will be cleaned thoroughly before and after usage, once health officials deem athletic events appropriate.

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