Murray State's Ja Morant top pick in draft?



At the beginning of the season there was talk that Murray State's Ja morant could be a lottery pick in next year's NBA draft. Then, after his 38 point performance at Alabama some experts were saying he could go in the top five picks. Now, is suggesting that he should be considered for the top pick in the draft.

Aran Smith writes, "With more than half the season left to play, it's still early in the process. But based on what we have seen to this point, here's a look at why Murray State's sophomore point guard Ja Morant deserves consideration to go first overall...

"While he clearly hasn't received the level of hype that guys like Duke's Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, Cameron Redish, or even Oregon's Bol Bol have received, Morant is in fact on the same level as those prospects from a skill/athleticism standpoint. He leads the nation in assists at 9.3 per game, is among the nation's leaders (14th) in scoring at 23 points per game. He has jump through the roof type explosiveness, a special type of athlete at the lead guard position. His athleticism figures to stand out at the NBA level, and puts him among the elite prospects available for this year's draft. He makes the game look so easy that at times his playing style can be confused for a lack of intensity or sense of urgency. He is in fact a high level competitor. He's proven to be the type of player that steps up to challenges, as he did leading Murray State with 38 points, 9 boards and 5 assists against Alabama. He also led a big 2nd half comeback against Auburn, ultimately falling short but finishing with 25, 8 and 7. Potentially most intriguing is his ability to set up teammates, and make those around him better. And unlike a recent number one overall pick Markelle Fultz, his team is winning. While not on a hoops powerhouse, he appears in the process of carrying a solid Murray State (9-2) team to a tournament appearance coming out of the Ohio Valley Conference."

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