A question for Racer fans...

With Murray State having lost two straight road games some people have started to doubt whether they can win the Ohio Valley Conference tournament next month. Now, I think that's a little silly. After all, no one else in the league is on a roll right now.

Belmont has lost two of their last three games, Tennessee State was blown out when they played the Racers at the CFSB Center 11 days ago, and although Eastern Kentucky has been winning of late they lost at (gulp) Tennessee-Martin.

At the same time most people seem to think Kentucky will fail to make it to the NCAA tournament after Tennessee beat them by 30 points on Saturday.

If both Murray State and Kentucky wind up in the NIT you'd have to think there's a good chance they would paired against each other in a first round game. It would generate more buzz than any other pairing I can think of.

So, here's the question Racer fans. Would you rather win the OVC tournament and make it to the NCAA or play Kentucky at Rupp Arena in the NIT? In fact, let's take it a step further. Would you rather win a first round NCAA tournament game this year or beat Kentucky in the first round of the NIT?