Zay Jackson out with torn ACL

Zay Jackson, a sophomore point guard for Murray State tore his ACL this past weekend and will miss the entire 2013-14 season. Jackson averaged 4.9 points and 2.1 rebounds as a freshman two years ago. He was suspended last season and missed the entire year.

纏ay will be out for the season," head coach Steve Prohm said. "He値l have surgery in a couple of weeks on his ACL. We値l repair it and he値l start rehabbing it and we値l get him back and get him healthy. He痴 got good plans ahead. I知 going to continue to encourage him in that because he has a bright future. I know he痴 been through a lot of trials and tribulations with the situation last year, his Father recently passed away and now this. I love Zay and we値l support him.

Jackson was expected to be the starter at point guard. It appears that role will now fall to freshman Cameron Payne.

展e値l move freshman Cam Payne into a point guard role," Prohm said. "We were going to start him off the ball this year. But I知 very encouraged about what he can do. He痴 got great character and great intangibles and IQ for the game so I知 excited about the kind of season that he can have. I have a lot of confidence in Cam.

Jackson's injury leaves the Racers without much depth at guard for the first nine games of the season. Payne, Dexter Fields and Jeffery Moss will probably start. But the only other true guards are C. J. Ford. and walk-on Jeff Martin. Moss averaged 4.4 points as a freshman last year while Fields started and averaged 6.5 points. Ford played sparingly and averaged 1.3 points.

Clemson transfer T. J. Sapp will be eligible after the first semester is over and could challenge for a spot in the starting lineup. With just one starter back from last season the Racers will have their work cut out for them.

Other quotes from coach Prohm...

展e have to deal with the circumstances that we池e dealt. We must stay strong in our vision and handle circumstances as they come. We値l do that and do it collectively as a team.

的 met with them (the team) before practice because we knew what the prognosis was probably going to be. I talked to them about faith and that adversity is only temporary. We値l get through this as a team and stay strong and focused. We値l have faith and handle ourselves in the right way. That痴 why we致e been successful not just the last two years but the last four or five that I致e been part of this program. That痴 why we値l continue to be successful.

纏ay will be an encourager and a mentor to the younger players. I don稚 think people realize how good Zay Jackson is. He is a tremendous talent and was our best offensive and defensive player. But what he can do is help the younger guys and teach them and kind of be like another assistant coach. He痴 got a great IQ and feel for the game. He値l do a great job in trying to build these guys